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TWITTER CAMPAIGN: Monday March 21st, 2021 starting at: 3pm ET / 1pm MT /  12pm / 3pm PT


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#OromoProtests over land rights & political exclusion have maintained momentum since 2014. @PMEthiopia’s initial crackdown resulted in the deaths of thousands of protestors. The system continues to oppress and as a result they flee from it. @ChrisCoons #CoonsVisitOromia


Wollo Oromos are facing an existential threat. Forces & militias are going door to door brutalizing them. Entire villages are being burned down. This is ethnic cleansing. @ChrisCoons, we urge you to stand with us before it's too late. #CoonsVisitOromia #OromoProtests


There are 50K+ Oromo political prisoners in COVID-infested prisons. Meanwhile, @PMEthiopia plans to hold fraudulent elections with opposition leaders conveniently languishing behind bars. @ChrisCoons #CoonsVisitOromia #OromoProtests #FreeAllOromoPoliticalPrisoners

@ChrisCoons, ask @PMEthiopia to stop the killing of Oromo civilians & other state-sanctioned violence. Under military occupation, thousands of Oromos are being massacred by state forces & militias. These are war crimes. #CoonsVisitOromia #OromoProtests


It is impossible for @PMEthiopia to hold free or fair elections with opposition party leaders & members unlawfully imprisoned; ongoing genocide; and war in Tigray, Oromia & beyond still under way. @ChrisCoons #CoonsVisitOromia #OromoProtests


Per 2020 @Amnesty reports there have been extrajudicial killings, mass arrests, burning of houses, & various forms of torture by Ethiopian security forces. Independent investigation must include Oromia & Benishangul-Gumuz. @ChrisCoons #CoonsVisitOromia #OromoProtests


Senator @ChrisCoons, tell @PMEhiopia @AbiyAhmedAli that there can't be peace or stability in Ethiopia or the Horn if Oromos remain disenfranchised & exiled from social, political & economical development in Ethiopia. #CoonsVisitOromia #OromoProtests


For Ethiopia to survive, there needs to be an all-inclusive national dialogue that includes all stakeholders including Oromo prisoners of conscience, many of whom are opposition party leaders. @ChrisCoons #CoonsVisitOromia #OromoProtests


The @PMEthiopia came to power on the back of the #OromoProtests movement. He sought forgiveness & promised reform, but delivered repression, war, ethnic cleansing, and genocide. He is on track to irreversibly destabilize the region. @ChrisCoons #CoonsVisitOromia


Senator @ChrisCoons, we urge you to tell @PMEthiopia to withdraw Amhara Regional Forces from Wollo & put an end to the ethnic cleansing of the Wollo Oromo. The crimes committed in Tigray are being replicated on Oromos. When will it end? #CoonsVisitOromia #OromoProtests

Senator @ChrisCoons, we urge you to tell @PMEthiopia to release the thousands of #Oromo prisoners of conscience, who are cramped in crowded COVID-19 infested prisons, experiencing torture and other abuses, and denied due process.  #CoonsVisitOromia #OromoProtests


Senator @ChrisCoons, we urge you to tell @PMEthiopia to end the military command posts in the Wallaga, Guji, Borana zones in Oromia and to end the extrajudicial murders of Oromo civilians by Ethiopian military forces.  #CoonsVisitOromia #OromoProtests


Senator @ChrisCoons, we urge you to tell @PMEthiopia that he must end the wars in Oromia and Tigray, release all political prisoners and must call for an authentic, inclusive national dialogue with *all* political opposition groups. #CoonsVisitOromia #OromoProtests

Senator @ChrisCoons, we urge you to tell @PMEthiopia to end the deployment of terrorist Amhara militias across Oromia and their unspeakable atrocities against Oromo civilians. #CoonsVisitOromia #OromoProtests #StopWarOnOromia