January 31th 2021

A health workshop series by Oromo Youth's In Charge. We were joined by Dr. Daga Said and Dr. Obsa Hassan to inform us of the effects of diabetes. 

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Panel Guests

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Dr. Daga Said,  Pharm.D, M.S. CDE
A Clinical Pharmacist
Diabetes Education Program Quality Coordinator
Insulin Pump Therapy/CGM Program Coordinator
Siouxland Community Health Center, Nebraska 
Clinical Assistant Professor
University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Pharmacy
Board Member of Int'l Oromo Health Professionals Association 


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Dr. Obsa Hassan, MD
Hospitalist at Mercy Hospital, Allina Health
Board, Int'l Oromo Health Professionals Association
Board Chair, Oromo Community of Minnesota
Advisory Board Member, Duluth Global Health Research Institute U of Minnesota 
Founder, Axis Family Clinic in Minneapolis